Welcome to the new Michigan Trail Riders Association Forum...aka MTRA Forum!!  Please feel free to post announcements, pictures, items for sale, etc.  We would greatly appreciate your consideration of other members and prefer that you treat this forum as if your children are reading it.  Sarcasm, swearing and inappropriate responses and pictures are not acceptable.  Encouragement is always welcome.  This project is a learning experience, so if you have suggestions, please contact me at michigantrailrider62@yahoo.com.  Thanks and enjoy!!


1. Click on the Begin link at the end of the Directions.

2. "Guest" can view entries but will not be able to view pictures or post any information.

3. Please register following the directions given - you can also use a Social Networking Account.

4. Once your account is confirmed/approved, you will have full access to all entries.

5. To create an entry - choose the area 1) General Discussion or 2) For Sale.

6. Click on "New Topic"

7. Create your entry following the guidelines mentioned above.

8. Notice the restrictions on attachments - ie: file types, picture size and amount allowed.

9. Please "preview" your entry so that it is accurate as to spelling, etc. and your attachments/pictures are the ones you chose.

10. Post away!!!

11. Please call or email if you have questions and/or concerns or just some help with your entry. (248) 721-3189 - Kim