Michigan Trail Riders

2021 ProposedTrail Rides

*Currently all rides are subject to change or cancellation. At this time, restrictions for covid 19 are changing often and we have no idea what will happen as the months go by. You can find the tenative dates in the December Newsletter..

An Overview

You are preparing to go on your first MTRA trail. That earns you the cherished (and unavoidable) title “Newbie”.  Every Newbie wants the answer to this question: How does an MTRA trail ride work?  This is a brief “big picture” answer. There is a “start camp” and an “end camp” for each daily ride. Except for rides with scheduled “layover days”, and except for the first and final day when riding to one of the 3 lake-shore destinations, the daily routine is the same. Riders who are their own “rig jumpers” get up, care for their horses and secure them in a manner which will keep them safe until the rider returns. They then drive forward to the next (end camp) camp, choose a camp/picketing area, park their rig, catch the MTRA bus back to the (start camp) camp, saddle up and ride forward, following the trail to the camp where their rig waits for them.

Whether you ride alone or ride in a group is up to you. No one is assigned to guide you or watch over you while you ride the trail. The only “rules” you must follow are those of the DNR, USFS and MTRA which you have pledged to know and to obey. The MTRA has a long tradition of “trail honor”. You are expected to use common sense, practice good trail etiquette, observe courtesy to all you meet on the trail, offer help to any who are in need and to respect all the lands through which you ride and upon which you camp. The "Newbie Booklet" provides a more detailed picture of “a day in the life of a Newbie”. The information provided is intended to help you have the most pleasurable and safe ride possible. If you still have questions after you read it all, just ask. It is MTRA tradition that everyone wants to help and to welcome every Newbie to the MTRA and to your first MTRA Trail Ride!   

General Rules & Regulations

*Note due to (Covid) unknown cirrcumstances the late registration penalty of 2.00 will be wavied for this year.

Please pre-register for all trail rides 30 days in advance to insure a spot. Late
registrations with the Trail Boss will cost $14.00 per day per person.

Membership in the MTRA is mandatory for all riders who wish to
participate in any of the rides. All persons attending this ride, whether riding or
not, must register and pay the fee of $12.00 per day. There is no charge for youth
riders in 2021 but they must be registered!! All youth riders' parents must be
current members for 2021. Ride registration forms will be available in January.

Only a rider, on a horse, riding from Shore-to-Shore, on designated days and registered with the MTRA may receive an official trophy and certificate for crossing the state.
Cancellations dated before the ride will receive re-imbursement if requested in writting (via email or snail mail.. Refunds must be requested before the start of the ride.

*NOTE: Please do not register for rides until we confirm event dates and locations.

Register online here: PayPal or Credit Card

Mail-in Registration Forms are available here: 2021 Ride Registration Forms will be available in January

Please take a moment to let us know how your ride went with our Ride Feedback Form. We appreciate any comments you could make to help us make your rides more enjoyable and safe.

Don't forget to check out the Newbie Booklet to find out what to expect on the MTRA rides!!

Young_old CC 2012 chimney log
Youngest & oldest trophy winners - June 2012 Criss Cross 2012 Chimney Log
On trail Mud lake  
On the Trail Mud Lake at Color Ride 2012