Michigan Trail Riders

Michigan Shore-to-Shore Trail Maps

The paper maps of the Shore-to-Shore trail must be ordered from the MTRA Office here: (at bottom of Membership and Maps page)


The Michigan Shore-to-Shore Riding and Hiking Trail is a living entity. The maps are relatively accurate at date of printing or recording (GPS) but there are unforseen circumstances that occur which cause changes in the trail. We often have to re-route sections of trail due to logging operations, wind damage, water encroachment, etc. To be safe on the trail, be aware and follow the confidence markers (blue dots, triangles, arrows, etc.).

The entire Shore-to-Shore Riding and Hiking Trail is available for viewing at upnorthtrails.org

Go to "Find your Trails" then type in "Shore to Shore", choose the segment you wish to view and then you can zoom in and print if you wish.