One May my friend Karen and I were on the Blossom Ride.  We had extra  time to go exploring around Elk Hill.  I was showing Karen a pretty loop  I had discovered which connected a few two-tracks.  My horse seemed off,  and I headed him slowly back to camp after giving Karen directions for  the rest of the loop. 

After a while Karen caught up with me heading back to camp.  She told me  how she had come upon a lady bending over a flat tire on a boat  trailer.  "She hadn't heard us coming, and she jumped into the air with  a scream when we came up behind her," Karen said.  The woman told Karen  that she had been startled  because she had feared that Karen was an elk  sneaking up to attack her.  She had "heard some bugling" nearby in the  woods. 

"Did you tell her that elk bugle in the fall, not in May, that they  don't 'attack', and that what she heard was our horses calling to each  other?"  I was incredulous.  "Heck, no, why spoil it for her?" Karen said.

Submitted by 

Colleen McGraw