2021 CALENDAR -  ALL EVENTS ON THE 2021 CALENDAR ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR CANCELLATION.   At this time, restrictions for covid are changing often and we have no idea what will happen as the months go by.  Please keep up with MTRA event changes here on our website, or on our facebook page.   If you have any questions, call the MTRA office.

*We have been getting many requests about the rides this year. After the Governors talk today we are still in the holding pattern of where we are with Covid protocol. So the BOD’s have cancelled our May and June rides for 2021. Reason is we cannot get our ride permits from the state DNR as of now for group rides. On state land no permit, no ride.

*As of now the August, September and October rides are still scheduled. Hopefully we can have them. However the camps themselves will be open for individuals. Please make use of them.

*There will NOT be an Annual Meeting in March 2021.  We hope for the annual meeting later this year.

*Watch for voting for board of director’s ballot in with your newsletter.

*We will be having a Virtual Ride once again, look for lots more to come from that shortly and make sure you sign up. 

 Thanks for your patience, Our rides will be back!.🤠


Aims & Goals

The MTRA wants to help you enjoy the sport of horseback riding and your love of the outdoors in a unique way, by riding the Michigan Shore-to-Shore Riding/Hiking Trail. This trail provides nearly unlimited riding in wilderness areas and provides a way across the state of Michigan through the more civilized areas.

Families from all over Michigan, as well as other states and Canada, have joined the MTRA. They come from all walks of life but they share an interest in horses and the out-of-doors.


As a non-profit corporation, the MTRA is financed thru membership and trail ride fees. All money which is not used to sponsor the many yearly organized rides is earmarked for camp and trail projects. Twice yearly, in spring and late summer, a Work Bee is held so that all members can contribute their labor and use of their equipment to help build, maintain, or repair camps and trails.

The MTRA has always been blessed with active, working members, whose efforts are responsible for the perpetuation of the priceless gift of the Michigan Shore-to-Shore Riding/Hiking Trail.